Corbett Hix

Generalist • Urbanist • Reader • Sometimes Entrepreneur • Curious Wanderer

I’m a Texan who is constantly looking under the surface to find underlying connections. Wanting to see the world, I left the USA in 2004 and have visited more than 20 countries and had the opportunity to live and work in Japan, Korea, and Cambodia. My experience runs the gamut from a barista, teacher, fitness coach, designer to operations executive, creative director and both a moderately successful entrepreneur and a failed one. I’m a passionate urbanist who believes cities should be built for people, not cars. In short, I’ve taken a circuitous route to where I am today, and I owe a lot to the opportunities I’ve been afforded in Cambodia.


Master of Arts,
International Development

2009 – American University, Washington DC USA

Bachelor of Arts,
American Studies

2002 – University of Texas, Austin USA